Female to Male

From time to time, trans people with a male gender identity feel the need to have a specialized Support Meeting just for themselves. Whether they identify as FTM, genderqueer, trannyboi, or any other preferred label, sometimes there's a desire for a place where "guys can just be guys".

When there is a demand for such a meeting, we have run monthly Support Meetings that were opened only to those who identify as male, but were born with female bodies.

Currently, there hasn't been enough interest for such a meeting, but this can change. Twice before, we've had regularly held FTM meetings in Bellingham and Mount Vernon.

If you're interested in participating in such a meeting, please contact us and we will restart this meeting if there is enough demand.

For further information about other services for FTMs or any other questions, contact us at info@washingtongenderalliance.com or 360-445-2411.