- Significant Others, Friends, Families, and Allies -

The Washington Gender Alliance recognizes that it is often just as difficult for the people in our lives to deal with our gender issues as it is for us. There are questions of why it occurs, how will it affect their relationships, and issues about dealing with children, among others. SOFFAs sometimes need a chance to discuss such issues privately with others who are similarly affected without transgendered people present.

In the past, we have held regularly scheduled SOFFA meetings, but at present, there isn't enough interest in one. However, we can arrange private discussions with non-transgendered SOFFAs. We can also restart the Support Meetings if there is sufficient interest to do so.

Please remember that SOFFAs are welcomed at all of our Open Support Meetings.

For further information about other services for SOFFAs or any other questions, contact us at or 360-445-2411.